Research Highlights

αλλαξιερα e jumbo The «song» of interstellar cloud Musca reveals Star Formation Mysteries to European Astrophysicists
An important leap in our understanding of the star formation process was achieved by scientists at the University of Crete and the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser at the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas. Using archival data from ESA’s Herschel mission, Aris Tritsis and Kostas Tassis have discovered, for the first time, an interstellar cloud – a nursery of stars – the magnetic field of which vibrates! Decrypting the «song» in this vibration, they managed to reveal the true 3D structure of the cloud, paving the way to solving one of the biggest mysteries in Astrophysics: what determines the number and kind of stars and planets that are formed in our Galaxy?
αμοιβαιες μεταθεσεις εκπαιδευτικων πρωτοβαθμιας 2015
οτι επιθυμεις να το φωναζεις δυνατα αγριμι να γινεσαι FORTH ESTABLISHES THE INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICS
A new Institute, the only in Greece dedicated exclusively to Astrophysics, will soon join the big family of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), becoming its 7th Institute, after a legislation voted in the Greek Parliament on February 26th 2018.
μαλλι προβατου τιμεσ